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Why the Paleo diet plan is for life, not just for January – Part 1

Paleo diet plan is unlike other diet plans where you attend weekly weigh-ins and are given X calories depending on your weight, it’s more than that and here you will find out Why the Paleo Diet Plan is for Life Not Just For January. We’ve all heard and seen the ads for “New Year New You!” – usually from a gym, a weight-loss program or from a celebrity than suddenly lost weight and has a DVD to sell… yawn. All cost a small fortune, plus reoccurring monthly fees in some cases just to attend a meeting. It’s Time To Burn that routine of signing up and never going – we’ll tell you why the Paleo diet plan should be maintained as a life choice, not just for January. We will explore some simple ways to make your Paleo meal plan with no extra outgoings each month.

Forget the January blues, forever…. not too much to ask from the a diet plan is it?

Time of year a side, if you have been unhappy with what you are eating, and your body reading this article will help you.

Why the Paleo diet plan is unlike any other diet:

  1. The Paleo Diet Plan doesn’t focus on calorie counting down to the last “allocated” calorie – like some other plans we know of. It’s all about having the freedom to eat the foods it recommends which is a huge range so don’t be worried by the word recommends 🙂
  2. It doesn’t starve you – the paleo diet plan says, if you’re hungry…eat! It’s what you eat that is key, check out more about the Paleo diet plan in our free guide. (below)
  3. The Paleo Diet Plan allows to you explore new food, new meaning natural not new meaning artificially made from the makers of another popular yet expensive diet plan. You don’t have to buy branded Paleo Diet Plan packets of food, or snacks to keep going. Having said this, Paleo Diet Plan cookbooks are something everyone should consider, but again this is totally a choice.
  4. If you have a Gluten intolerance – this a key diet plan you should review. A Paleo diet plan allows you to cutout wheat with ease, there are plenty of recipes that are easy to make to allow you to create a quick and easy to follow paleo meal plan.
  5. The Paleo diet plan is mainly about food which means it won’t force you to join a gym. Consider other forms of exercise like walking, running, tossing a caber – ok not quite a paleo diet plan must but it’s an old tradition, and you’d have to be pretty fit to do it!
  6. Planing your meals, and shopping for what you eat is just as easy, if not easier and certainly more enjoyable when you’re focusing on a paleo diet plan. Open your mind to new foods and buying organic. 
  7. Paleo doesn’t accept excuses. What we mean by this is simply that if you think back in time when a paleo diet plan was part of the paleolithic way of life, common excuses for not changing lifestyle just didn’t exist.


It’s Time To Burn will be exploring more on this topic in Part 2 of this post, where we will look at why the paleo diet plan is not a fad diet – it really comes down to how committed a person you are and how much you want to see what success you have set yourself happen.

Keep your eyes open for Part 2 – but in the mean time, if you choose the paleo diet plan, stay committed. You can do it!!

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