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Think and Grow Thin: Review

The first thing that will catch your eye is the claim the subtitle of this book makes saying it WILL change your life in 88 days.

Now, I’m a skeptic. I’m skeptical about everything, and when books make bold claims like this, I start to wonder. What did intrigue me though is how many other people are finding success with this book, which led me try the book myself to review for you guys.

The first point I would like to make is that I haven’t followed this for 88 days. But I have read it, and have delved into enough good diet books to know if the content they contain is valuable, or recycled.

So with that being said, the next point is that 88 days is actually a long time. It’s 3 months (sorry, I’m sure you could figure that one out yourselves!). It’s long enough to make a difference, but it’s not such a long time that it’s overwhelming. Well, is it? Lets see what the book has to offer. If it required a 10 mile run each and every day, that WOULD seem overwhelming for a weight loss book.

One thing that is clear, and should be noted for any person serious about losing weight, is that buying the very best diet book the world has to offer does not automatically mean you will shed the pounds. You need to foolow through with the suggestions, develop habits and routines, and stay motivated.

What I found in ‘Think and Grow Think’, is invaluable information with not only tips for weight loss, but true inspiration, which should provide the motivation you need. It teaches you the mindset that you need to successfully lose weight, rather than just provide recipes for low fat meals.

Couple this with a delicious diet cookbook and I think you honestly have a solid foundation for losing weight safely, as well as changing the way you think about food.

I’ve developed my own habits from reading similar books, and learning HOW to eat, rather than just what to eat really is the secret (if you can call it that) to safe and successful weight loss.

Book Description

Millions across this nation have eaten themselves into a prison they can’t escape – and with Think and Grow Thin, Charles D’Angelo busts down those walls and unlocks the secrets of weight-loss success. This one-stop comprehensive guide targets your mind more than your muscles to help you battle the mindset that’s making you fat. Whether you have 10, 200 or even more pounds to lose, Charles’ easy-to-follow success strategies and eating plans will give you the skills and motivation to make weight loss finally work. Filled with inspirational success stories along with photographs. You won’t believe your eyes!

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