primal kitchen paleo bar review

REVIEW: The Primal Kitchen Paleo Snack Bar

Being Paleo has changed my the way I live, and I know it’s changed a huge amount of our readers lives likewise. Eating Paleo is one of the best ways to ensure you’re filling your body with huge amount of nutrition, covering Vitamins A to Z all naturally. One of the hardest things to do is eat Paleo on the go. In the past we’ve found plenty of snacks online and reviewed them for you, as well as offering suggestions of how you can make some simple yet delicious items at home. The It’s Time To Burn team were contacted by The Primal Kitchen, a UK based company who have created the UK’s first Paleo bar, here’s our thoughts on how they tasted.

The Primal Kitchen Paleo snack bar taste test!

The Primal Kitchen Paleo bars comes in 3 delicious choices:

  1. Almond & Cashew
  2. Coconut & Macadamia
  3. Brazil Nut and Cherry

primal kitchen paleo bar review

Each has a lovingly chewy consistency with chunky nut pieces surfacing with each bite.

The It’s Time To Burn team all had a few bites and the overall results were: 

  • Size – 10/10, it’s nice to have a bar that’s 45g of goodness, instead of just shy of 30 like others.
  • Filling – 9/10 (We get hungry!)
  • Packaging – 9/10
  • Longevity (shelf life) 10/10, we like to buy in bulk so the fact that these Paleo bars have a great shelf life really helps!
  • Price – 11/10, great value for the nutrition you receive!
  • Flavour combinations – 12/10

Why the Paleo focus for a snack bar?

Suzie Walker, Founder & Nutritionist explained:

“Paleo to me is really eating clean, getting to know your food labels, making the right decisions and most importantly enjoying it. With 10 years in the food industry prior to Nutrition I came to realise that the is an awful lot of c**p out there.  Misleading labelling, poor ingredient declarations and poor quality ingredients.  I started make the bars at home for clients, till one day last summer after some feedback I decided to take this project further and launch The Primal Kitchen” 

Where can you buy these Paleo bars?

The great thing about these is that they are also available online here:

The Primal Kitchen Coconut & Macadamia Paleo Bar

The Primal Kitchen Brazil Nut & Cherry Paleo Bar

The Primal Kitchen Almond & Cashew Paleo Bar

primal kitchen paleo bar review


Find The Primal Kitchen on Facebook and Twitter:


Twitter @PrimalKitchenUK or

Instagram @primalkitchenuk


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