Calorie Spiking Prep Work!

So, our weekly calorie spiking day is around the corner, and the pressure is on to decide what to eat! After reading what some people pack away on their calorie spiking days, it makes me realise that we don’t eat enough.

Calorie spiking needs to be planned?

Strangely calorie spiking does require some sort of planning, as if you don’t have the right food in the house and you are inherently lazy like me, you won’t spike effectively.

It also requires a certain mindset. I’ve got a lot of keep fit fanatic friends who would NEVER dare to even think about calorie spiking.

It’s not as if we are planning on doing this:

Apart from doubling in weight overnight, it would cost a fortune!

So far, we are trying to balance cost with suitable food. Pastas (Spaghetti bolognaise, lasagne) have a good balance, but we had that sort of thing last week, so it’s good to mix it up.

For breakfast, it’s a no brainer: Full English Fry Up.

Lunch: Full Roast Chicken

Dinner: takes a lot more planning

So far on the list that we have deemed suitable for calorie spiking:

  • Fish and Chips (typical british food + cheap and cheerful + I haven’t had this in around 8 years!)
  • Indian/Chinese/Thai takeaway (mmmmm, takeaway…Downside is I always over-order, and it would cost a lot)
  • Nandos with all the trimmings (I love chicken, and it’s mid range on the budget scale, but we used to eat this a LOT)

I’m edging towards the first option 🙂

Check out our general guide for calorie spiking here.

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