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Pilates: Body in Motion ItsTimeToBurn.com Review

Hey Guys and Gals, just a quick review for ITTB readers who are Pilates fans on ‘Pilates: Body In Motion’.

I’ve always been a yoga fan, but about 6 months ago took the plunge to try Pilates – not really knowing what the difference was.

My Pilates instructor was really very good, and I was soon hooked.

Doing what I do with every hobby I have, I find as much information on it as possible and learn EVERYTHING I possibly can.

I don’t know if you’ve searched for Pilates, but you will probably suffer from ‘information overload’ if you’re not careful. I certainly did. I bombarded my instructor with questions as I was eager to learn more. So much so, in an act of defense she threw “Pilates: Body In Motion” at me (OK not literally, but I think she was tempted).

One observation I had was that it was very comprehensive, and it DID answer a lot of questions I had.

I did however, find the exercises tough as a relative newcomer. It’s tempting to have another go at some of them, but I haven’t progressed too much on the Pilates front, as I’ve concentrated more on yoga.

I know more experienced Pilates fans rave about this book, and the reviews prove that – but for me as a newbie, it’s a bit too much. Hope that provides some insight 🙂

Book Description

The most authoritative, step-by-step guide to Pilates available on the market. Popular for decades with dancers, athletes, and celebrities, the Pilates Method is the perfect equipment-free workout for a stronger, leaner, fitter body. With great emphasis on precision and awareness, not only is Pilates great for the body, but for the mind as well. Using step-by-step mat-work exercises and a wide range of programs, from beginner to advanced, Pilate’s Mind and Body is the only practical guide that shows you all of the proper steps to follow and how to avoid common mistakes in your conditioning.

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