Paleo Tips: 5 Essential Herbs And Spices For Delicious Paleo Meals

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that Paleo food has to be bland and dull – with lots of meat, eggs and veggies – and very little flavour.

Wrong! Paleo meals can be just as delicious, flavoursome and mouth-wateringly tempting as any meal – in fact, even more so, when you know that every mouthful is packed with delicious nutrition that your body will enjoy too!

Whether you’re new to using herbs and spices or simply want to know what are the must-haves you should always keep in your kitchen, the following five ingredients are ideal for boosting your Paleo dishes with a little extra flavour.

Paleo Herb: Oregano

With a dense, fragrant flavour and aroma, oregano works wonderfully with everything from meat and fish, to vegetables. It easily adds flavour to any dish, making it an excellent choice to start with if you’re new to cooking with herbs. Toss chopped root vegetables with oregano, olive oil and seasoning before roasting, or mix it into a fruity, spicy salsa sauce with onion, tomato and a little pepper, to make a delicious marinade or dip for meat or chicken.

paleo tips paleo herbs spices meals

Paleo Spice: Cinnamon

Warm and soothing, cinnamon is one of those spices that lends itself well to both sweet and savoury dishes. There’s nothing quite like the aroma of a warm baked apple, dusted lightly with cinnamon and paired with coconut milk ice-cream! To work it into savoury meals, you can use it both in its ground form or in its original form as a stick of bark. Add ½ to 1 whole teaspoon of powdered cinnamon into dishes to add warmth while they cook, or alternatively place one or two pieces of whole cinnamon into hot oil for a few minutes, to allow a more subtle flavour to infuse, before removing.

paleo tips paleo herbs spices meals

Paleo Bulb: Garlic

Not a Paleo herb spice, but an essential bulb for adding flavour. Versatile, delicious and with all sorts of health benefits, garlic should definitely be one of your kitchen essentials. Crush and chop finely to add flavour to sauces, marinades and curries, or roast it whole with roasted pork, beef or chicken and vegetables, to add a light and tantalising flavour. For a delicious Italian taste, combine with oregano and basil.

paleo tips paleo herbs spices meals

Paleo Spice: Sesame

To give your meals an Asian twist, a touch of sesame is perfect. You can use sesame either in seed form, or, for a more pungent flavour, as an oil. Roast seeds in a dry pan until lightly golden and toss them through cooked vegetables for a tasty crunch – they’re perfect with mustard and green beans. Or toss a drizzle of sesame oil through stir-fried zucchini noodles and beef for a delicious Chinese-inspired dish.

paleo tips paleo herbs spices meals

Paleo Spice: Turmeric

Turmeric can seem a little daunting to use for the first timer – but it really isn’t as scary as it seems! With a bright yellow hue and a deeply aromatic taste, it instantly adds an extra dimension of flavour to your meals. It’s best used sparingly as a little will make a big impact. Try adding ¼ teaspoon into your curries to give them rich colour and fragrance.


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