paleo recipe tips herbs spices

Paleo Recipe Tips: How To Add Some Quirky Flavour to Paleo Meals

Tired of the same old Paleo recipes rotating on your weekly menu? If you’d like an instant update on some classic Paleo friendly meals without having to overhaul your cooking style with a load of complicated new recipes, try mixing up the flavours with the addition of some tasty spices! Here are a few flavour combinations to perk up mealtimes. These should always be on your Paleo food list!

Garlic and ginger

Perfect for that time of year when immune systems start to slow down a little, garlic and ginger are both packed with antibacterial properties and anti-oxidants, making them perfect for warding away nasty bugs. More than that – they’re also absolutely delicious together, and complement each other perfectly. Add ginger for a zesty, spicy kick, with a hint of garlic to mellow the flavour and add extra depth. For a simple yet flavour-packed dish that’s perfect for a Paleo diet, add them both to your staple chicken soup recipe, with spiralized carrot or zucchini noodles to make it extra-filling and nutritious.

paleo recipe tips herbs spices garlic ginger

Basil and oregano

Some flavour combinations perfectly summarise a particular region or cuisine – basil and oregano immediately bring to mind the warmth, sunshine and fresh flavours of Italy’s sunny Tuscany region. Both basil and oregano are full of flavour so you need to do very little to enhance them – add them to chopped courgettes, aubergines and bell peppers for an easy yet tasty Paleo ratatouille.

Cumin and turmeric

paleo recipe tips herbs spices

This combination is at the heart of most Indian recipes – and for good reason! Delicately flavoured and warming, cumin and turmeric combine to a subtle pungent flavour that infuses the entire dish, with very little effort. Try a Paleo-friendly Gobi Matar by cooking cauliflower florets and fresh garden peas with crushed cumin seeds and a little turmeric in oil.

Vanilla and cinnamon

Not just for the main course, spices are delicious for desserts too! And if you thought that you couldn’t indulge in sweet treats whilst staying within a Paleo diet, then this easy recipe will have your mouth watering. Gently simmer almond or coconut milk with a stick of cinnamon, a vanilla pod and a little honey. The warm, sweet flavours of vanilla and cinnamon are a match made in spice heaven – combined, they infuse the milk with a decadent flavour that’s utterly irresistible. Enjoy it hot or let it chill for a refreshing cool drink. 


paleo recipe tips herbs spices

A superstar spice that is worth its weight in gold, quite literally! Although saffron is an exceptionally pricey herb, a little does a very long way, and it is incredibly versatile. It has distinctive pungent, delicately floral flavour and gives everything a characteristic golden-coloured hue. To use, take a pinch of the powdered herb, or grind a single stamen (the fine, deep red threads the herb comes in) into a powder. Try combining it with any of the recipes above for a surprising and truly wonderful flavour enhancement. 

What are your favourite herbs and spices for Paleo meals? 

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