paleo ketchup recipe

Paleo Ketchup Recipe with a Chilli Kick!

There’s nothing that can beat the easy instant satisfaction of good old ketchup. The perfect condiment for everything from crispy fries, juicy burgers and flaky fish, ketchup just makes everything taste better. But as traditional ketchup is packed with sugar, corn syrup, additives and colourings, it’s definitely off the Paleo menuUntil now, that is, here’s our Paleo ketchup recipe!

paleo ketchup recipe

We’ve got the perfect Paleo friendly recipe that will satisfy all your ketchup cravings, with an authentic sweet and tangy taste. Sauce up savoury dishes and snacks in an instant – this tastes so good, you’ll want to keep a batch at hand for those last-minute ketchup emergencies so you’re never caught short!

Paleo ketchup

This Paleo ketchup is quick and easy to make, and a large batch can last for a few months. With no wheat, soya, or colouring, it’s completely Paleo friendly. Plus with zero added sugar, syrup or any other nasty artificial sweeteners, it’s refreshingly healthy, as well as delicious. Made only with whole, natural ingredients, this is a great recipe for all the family to enjoy.

paleo ketchup recipe

The Paleo ketchup recipe below is simple and easy to make, it creates a large enough batch that should last a few months, but to make it Paleo friendly I needed to ensure there’s no wheat, no soya, no sugar and no colouring. Ketchup creators are trying their hardest to remove artificial flavourings and colourings from their products, which is a great start. However, more often than not you’ll still see ladles of sugar or worse, corn-syrup or even worse artificial sweeteners. So to make this Paleo ketchup recipe we’ll simple use fresh, vine tomatoes, organic passata, some thick paste, a shallot, some garlic and add the kick with a fresh red chilli. 

The only Paleo ketchup recipe that packs a punch 

With a touch of chilli, a tangy boost from fresh tomatoes, and the sweet, mellow taste of honey, this recipe ticks all the boxes for a genuine ketchup taste, made with wholesome and nutritious ingredients, including vine tomatoes, passata, tomato paste, shallots and garlic.

paleo ketchup recipe

Tomatoes are low in Sodium, and extremely low in saturated fat – which is great for keeping cholesterol levels in check. Both tomatoes and chillies are a rich source of Vitamin C – another added perk to enjoy, next time you fancy dipping your sweet potato fries in ketchup!

How do you like your Paleo ketchup?

Another great advantage of making your own ketchup from scratch is that you can make it as unique as you like. Whether you love it smooth and saucy, or chunky and full of texture, your ketchup is perfect, just the way you like it. Here are just a few suggestions for different styles of ketchup:

  1. Blend after cooking
  2. Push through a fine sieve, or
  3. Leave it chunky!

paleo ketchup recipe

Paleo Ketchup Recipe with a Chilli Kick!
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  1. 1/2 Passata
  2. 3 tsp of Tomato paste/puree
  3. 1 (or 2) red chilli
  4. 3 Gloves of garlic
  5. 1 Shallot
  6. 2 Tomatoes (off the vine if possible)
  7. 1/4 cup of Water
  8. 2 tsp raw Honey
  1. Finely chop the garlic and shallot
  2. In a pan, sautee with a small amount of oil and add the water after a few moments
  3. Peel and de-seed the tomatoes, roughly chopping these and adding to the pan
  4. Add the Passata and paste
  5. Bring to the boil
  6. Add a finely chopped red chilli with seeds in tact!
  7. If too thick add a slash more of water
  8. After 10 minutes, leave to cool
  9. Bottle up and keep refrigerated
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A quick note about Passata

Passata is usually wheat free and additive free, as it is normally made from 100% sieved tomatoes. Please do check the label when buying this in your local store, or online. 

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