Paleo Diet Plan basics

Paleo Diet Plan Basics – All You Need To Know And More

You maybe wanting to know, what a Paleo diet plan is… well it’s pretty simple actually and we’re going to tell you the basics, what it is, where it came from and why you should consider exploring it.

Paleo diet plan basics

Paleo diet plan, or a Paleolithic diet plan is a way to take a step back and use the ways of our ancestors. The Paleo diet plan contains foods that can be hunted, gathered or fished, such as meats, seafood, fruit, vegetables, eggs, insects (many people on the Paleo diet plan forget insects, we will explore that another time!), nuts, seeds, and of course for added flavour herbs and spices.

Paleo doesn’t focus on having to count calories, but instead focuses on boosting nutrition, cutting starches, which prove difficult for digestion, upping roughage (fiber), eliminating sugar and processed foods.

Processed foods in particular, anything you see that has added MSG, artificial colours, refined carbohydrates/sugars and synthetic preservatives doesn’t cut it on the Paleo diet plan.

Some sources advise eating only lean cuts of meat, organic and wild food such as game when living by the paleo principle. They contain high amounts of omega-3, whereas grain-fed animals do not produce as much.

The basic Paleo diet plan is easy to follow:

  • Go back in time when eating – anything that can be hunted, picked, gathered
  • Balance your energy intake, the Paleo diet plan focuses on less carbohydrates and more protein. Unless of course you need them, make a smart balance.
  • Go for it – eat the entire plant, the entire chicken, why not, our ancestors wouldn’t have wasted food!
  • Understand your portions, it’s called the paleo diet plan but that doesn’t mean diet in a way you would set size  portion. Ensuring you are taking in a large amount of nutrients is key not the size of the meal.
  • Smile at your food, treat it with love and affection. Handle your food and bring out the goodness inside.
  • Eat organically, no pesticides, nothing added by us pesky humans
  • No dairy – you will get your calcium from nuts, soya and many vegetables, like trusty Broccoli.
  • Cut the sugar down, natural sugars will be enough – You have never seen super sized Paleolithic humans for a reason!
  • No alcohol, you didn’t see them drunk either… but there are exceptions. You could still drink gluten free wine if you wish.
  • Have a great time exploring caveman food!
  • Oh and share your photos of the amazing Paleo diet plan meals you make!

The Paleo diet plan can be very successful if you stick to the principles and combine this with regular exercise. It’s not just exploring an old basic way of living/eating, it’s about packing in nutrients without having to reply on supplements. Naturally boosting your intake of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants can only be a good thing!

For people who suffer from gastrointestinal problems, who are lactose intolerance, have issues with Gluten (like celiac disease) the paleo diet plan is a fantastic way of life, not just a quick fix diet plan.

Check out our Paleo diet plan food recommendations with tips on creating a healthy shopping list, and a paleo specific food list.

Paleo diet plan Quick Start Guide

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