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Paleo Appetizers for a Perfect Party

It’s party season, and appetizers are a must, whether you’re having a cosy gathering of friends, or going all for a special occasion. But what do you do when you don’t want to stick with the usual suspects – store bought pastries, sugar-stuffed sweet treats and miserable, reconstituted “mystery” meat snacks? Paleo appetizers are a great alternative, whether you’re looking for a Paleo-friendly snack option, or just want to offer something a little healthier instead. Plus as they’re made with natural, fresh and whole ingredients – all of these Paleo appetizers are packed with flavour, making them the perfect nibbles for every event. Check out this selection of appetizer ideas – and feel free to mix up ingredients to make your own. You may find some great ideas in our Paleo food list.

Bite-size Paleo appetizers

Toothpick bites are always popular – but step away from pineapple, ham and cheese cubes. Try Rainbow Kebabs with a selection of fresh fruit diced into cubes and threaded onto skewers – berries, melon, kiwis and citrus will all add a zing of visual appeal. For something savoury, take a spin on the classic BLT sandwich, with micro-sized bites of crispy bacon and lettuce in between two halves of a sweet cherry tomato. And for a meat-free alternative that’s still Paleo friendly, marinade button mushrooms and olives overnight in a blend of citrus juices, herbs and olive oil. Grill them under a hot flame until the mushrooms are crisp and juicy, and thread together.

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Tasty dips

Dips are the ideal standby for party appetizers – moreish and tasty, without breaking up the flow of a great party. Go for flavour-filled combinations that guests will love – fresh vegetables and crisp fruit slices are delicious when paired with whipped nut butters and zesty salsas. For an alternative to crisps and fries and perfect Paleo appetizers, cut sweet potatoes into bite-size chips and spray lightly with olive oil, before baking until crisp. Season with salt and pepper, and serve with home made Paleo ketchup. For tempting snacks that can be left out for guests to help themselves to, mix roasted nuts with coconut butter and a mix of spices and herbs, or bake kale leaves, tossed in olive oil and salt, until they are crispy and crunchy. (Kale chips). 

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Go Gourmet

If snacks on toothpicks are unlikely to impress your more discerning visitors, take it up a level with some beautifully inventive and delicious appetizers, that your guests will never believe are Paleo. While they might be a little more time-intensive to prepare, the phenomenal taste factor will be well worth it. Combine surprising flavour combinations – pair sweet with salt, or add a spicy kick into something unexpected. Crispy bacon pairs wonderfully with sweet, plump figs, or peaches baked with basil leaves. Fill large, decadently sweet strawberries with a rich chocolate ganache, by blending dark chocolate with coconut butter. (And we all know how good dark chocolate is for us!) Add an Aztec-inspired hit of spice, with a pinch of cinnamon and dried chilli into the chocolate to give your guests a real zing! Or try our Paleo chocolate brownies!

paleo appetizers

What Paleo appetizers will you serve at your party?

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