paleo food list for an energy boost

Naturally Boost Your Energy Levels with this Delicious Paleo Food List

Ever felt that afternoon slump? No more!

Food is fuel, but despite eating regularly I often found I suffered from severe mid morning and mid afternoon tiredness, which made it difficult to have a productive work day. As I was lacking in energy, I was almost certain it was my diet, so I decided to research and experiment to overcome what was becoming a debilitating condition. I decided to share my simple and effective paleo food list that contains foods that give you sustained energy throughout the day.

There are many foods on the paleo diet plan that will support your energy levels and stop you having those uncomfortable hunger pangs. In accordance with the paleo  mantra I hope that you will try as far as possible to choose foods that are free from antibiotics and hormones, any pesticides, or that are the result of animal cruelty or where animals have been fed in a manner that is not appropriate to their species. Generally anything processed is also a no, not only for sustained energy levels but also since they are not natural foods.

Amongst the unrestricted foods on the Paleo food list, many can offer a slow release energy that will keep hunger pangs at bay and offer a great level of nutrition at the same time.

Isn’t Fruit the best to boost Energy levels?

paleo food list for an energy boost

Fruit is great for a quick paleo friendly snack, which can give you a short burst of energy plus help with sugar cravings, but this is usually a short term boost rather than slow burn energy. Dried fruits should be eaten in moderation, as natural sugar levels can be very high. The Paleo list below contains foods that have proven to maintain energy for longer periods, and prevent the possibility of bad snacking. As Pete Abilla says “No cookie is a good cookie”.

Our Paleo Food List Top 5 Energy Boosters


Avocados have long been thought of as a “super food.” I used to think that they were labelled that way by someone who just loved the way they tasted and wanted an excuse to eat a lot of them!  Now I know they do a lot to boost energy levels.  It is true that they do have a high calorie count but they are full of healthy fats which should never be avoided and should always be on your YES paleo food list! Healthy or “good fats”  are what will help with those flagging energy levels. They also taste simply delicious and are extremely versatile.

Eaten at breakfast avocado is a great slow release energy source to get you through the morning. I’ve found that an egg white omelette with avocado and cress is a great way to start the day. Check out this amazing recipe here: Paleo Breakfast – Green And White Omelette


Each and every egg comes packed with its own protein power source.  And eggs are extremely easy to cook, they are very much a part of the paleo diet plan so should be on any and every paleo food list! What we also love about eggs is that you can eat them for any meal, in a variety of different ways. Perhaps not all in one single day but you could scramble them for breakfast, hard boil them and serve with some salad for a great energy boosting lunch, then serve a poached egg on top of fish or steak for dinner.  As I mentioned before, omelettes are a great way to use eggs and you can throw in vegetables and meats as well.  Fried or scrambled poached or coddled, the humble egg earns it place on the paleo diet plan.

Eggs have a nice amount of vitamin B12, which is perfect for a natural energy boost. Some paleo dieters take out all dairy, at It’s Time To Burn we certainly keep eggs in our paleo food list. Other sources of Vitamin B can be found here


 paleo food list for an energy boost

Blueberries are certainly very popular, people just really love them! Not only are they delicious and are a certified superfood but the are a seriously great way to naturally boost your energy levels, therefore should be at the very top of the fruit selection on your paleo food list.

They are great for breakfast, snacks and a perfect ingredient in any healthy smoothie. Smoothies are a great way to gain energy without feeling sluggish, you get to have a bunch of fruit in one refreshing drink. Here’s our favourite Paleo Blueberry Smoothie:

      • Banana – 1 whole
      • Blueberries – 2 cups
      • Juice of 1 an Orange
      • Juice of 1/2 a Lemon
      • Ice


paleo food list for an energy boost

The amazing Almond is arguably the King of the nuts, doesn’t everyone love them? And they have the advantage of being an easy snack to take with you to work or anywhere to eat on the go.  If you feel hunger strike or weariness threatening to slow you down, have a handful of these little power packed nuts and you will be back on track in no time. I always have almonds on my paleo shopping list, and tend to bulk buy them, and always have a little pile of them on hand.

Almonds are also packed full vitamin E, 60g will give you 100% of your daily allowance. A perfect way to ensure you not only have smooth skin but also it keeps skin youthful and clear from nasty pimples. Many facial products on store shelves will always have a bucket load of vitamin E, why not explore the natural way to gain more? Plus from each handle you will be taking in a huge amount of fiber, zinc and iron!

Coconut – A Paleo Food List Favourite

paleo food list for an energy boost

Coconut is the fast food of the natural world. An all in one meal with a drink thrown in!  It is true that coconut is high in fat but a rare, good kind that has weight loss properties that are not easily explained – at least not in a single article – and the fleshy deliciousness is a great satisfying pick me up.  It can be kept fresh in a sealed container in the fridge then whipped out to give an energy boost when it is needed. The coconut ‘milk’ is sweet and will tackle those sugar cravings, is great to rehydrate and a very good alternative to dairy milk to add to your paleo food list. Plus 100ml of coconut water is only 19 calories. You can now buy coconut water in an array of flavour, check the range of Vito Coco here!

This is truly a super food and not one you will have to hunt very far for to include in your paleo lifestyle. Coconut oil is very good to use in cooking and has become quite popular in the paleo community. Coconut oil is more like a butter in texture, just a quick tip when looking for it on the shelves.

PLUS – Spinach, Apricots, Broccoli, and other Iron Rich Foods

paleo food list for an energy boost

Any iron rich foods will ensure energy is boosted without leaving you with a crash, much like sugar based foods. Sugar eliminates stamina, pretty much the same for all processed foods, which you won’t find on any true paleo food list. Here are some to chose from:

  • Broccoli
  • Tahini (sesame seeds)
  • Spinach
  • Apricots – usually have around 3.6mg of Iron
  • Thyme
  • Pumpkin Seed – high on the list with 4.2mg
  • Meats like Beef, but Beef Liver is even better with almost 6mg of iron and is very lean.
  • Salmon

These energy packed foods will take some beating. Each of the above have a well-deserved place on the paleo food list and are open to a variety of uses governed only by your imagination and ability!

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