Healthy Lunches for Work

Healthy Lunches For Work – Our Top 10 Made Quick and Easy

It is the hardest time of the day for most of us to ensure we are getting a healthy lunch. This article is focuses on healthy lunches for work, we will explore how hard it is to get packed lunch ideas that give nutrients, fit to a diet plan or healthy eating lifestyle but also don’t burn a hole in your pocket. ItsTimetoBurn healthy lunches for work guide will help!

Most of us forget how some diet plans can be inflexible with the ability to have healthy lunches for work. Some start so well, beginning at weekends from the comfort of their own home, being able to control their meals. But then the week starts and panic, How can make healthy lunches for work?

ItsTimetoBurn know only so well that healthy lunches for work can be expensive. Luckily we are diet plan experts and know exactly how you can ensure you are still abiding by the outlines of your chosen healthy diet/eating plan and preparing healthy lunches for work. Whether this be the Paleo solution, the Abs diet, or a simple weight loss plan, you need to think about preparing healthy lunches for work.

Top 10 Healthy lunches for work – 

  1. Wholemeal pitta with Tuna.
  2. Any salad – Chicken is our favourite – No mayo! No dressing!
  3. Baked sweet potato, maybe with some salad on the side.
  4. Soup – beware some of the soups you buy from a supermarket will be high in fat and salt, try to make these at home.
  5. Leftovers
  6. Salmon and brown rice.
  7. Chicken breast and broccoli or soya beans.
  8. Daahl (you may stink out your office a little here but who cares!)
  9. Egg white omelette with spinach – this one can be prepared at home. Separate your eggs and put some seasoning and spinach leaves in a tub. To cook, pop it in a microwave for a few minutes, stir then a minute more, stir etc.
  10. Water biscuits with organic crunchy peanut butter and thin slices of green apple – simply delicious!

All these healthy lunches for work are to be prepared the night before and may need to be reheated, so you may need a microwave at your place of work, but usually offices have these facilities.

These are just a few examples of healthy lunches for work and even if you are not using a specific diet plan you will notice the difference in afternoon productivity and alertness compared to a heavy lunch, or a shop bought sandwich, crisps and coke!!

healthy lunches for work

A healthy lunch of tuna wraps and fruit

Top Tips for preparing Healthy lunches for work

  • Buy food bags

Food bags allow you to prepare Healthy lunches for work with ease, through in some dried fruit, some nuts or seeds and you have a healthy snack for work!

Healthy lunches for work should be fresh, and sealed tight so when you open them you smile!

  • Add a splash of water

If you chose chicken or salmon to reheat from healthy lunches for work top 10 above, add 2 tsp of water so the food remains moist.

  • Avoid adding cheese in your healthy lunches for work plan

Healthy lunches for work could be a salad with some feta, but our tip would be avoid cheese.

  • Enjoy

Healthy lunches for work can be full of flavour and enjoyable so get started making them!

Healthy lunches for work don’t have to be expensive!

If you are interested in knowing some rough pricing for the above healthy lunches for work for work, drop us a line and we can help with some calculations, but we can tell you, for 2 people a wholemeal pitta with Tuna would be roughly £1.50 or $2.40 < FOR BOTH! Great value right?!

Also, take a look at our Healthy Shopping list to help prepare Healthy lunches for work

Tell us what you eat for lunch

We’d love to hear what your healthy lunches for work are?

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