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Seriously Delicious Paleo Breakfast Ideas to Try NOW!

Let’s be honest, the Paleo diet has a slight reputation for being seen as an a lot of meat, right? So, when it comes to making a paleo breakfast people may assume it’s “wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!” (bacon and eggs) every morning. In this article I hope to show you a wide variety of paleo ingredients to add to your menu to ensure that breakfast is never boring and you don’t stray back to toast, bagels or anything processed!

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    Overcoming your usual breakfast challenges…

    They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and they (whoever they are) are correct! But what we find more and more nowadays is that it’s the most skipped meal of the day. A lot of people struggle to even think of eating so early and combined with a manic early morning routine before work, it’s no wonder that breakfast can be ignored. Living the paleo lifestyle doesn’t restrict your choices for breakfast, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Below you will find a huge array of paleo breakfast ideas to help ensure you have a wonderful start to your day, and prevent hunger pangs until lunch!

    A lot of people might find breakfast more appealing if less effort was required to make it, whereas others really can’t stomach it and as such it would be a good idea to prepare in advance a paleo breakfast for when you are on the go.

    The key to weight loss through the Paleo diet plan, a gluten free diet or any healthy eating regime is to eat regular meals – don’t stress your body out by avoiding meals that you think aren’t important, especially breakfast. You already know this, but you need to fuel your body with the right stuff from the start of the day so it receives the best nutrition from the word go.

    You will find that your energy levels increase by eating a balanced Paleo breakfast and should avoid the mid morning drowsiness that we all sometimes feel. If you are a morning person anyway this will just add fuel to your days fire and help you focus even more clearly. Studies have proven that people who do not eat breakfast suffer from concentration issues, and often struggle to lose weight. Missing this crucial meal is just not an option.

    Let’s explore some Paleo breakfast ideas to give your body the boost it needs in the morning.

    How do you like your eggs in the morning?

    • At the top of our Paleo breakfast list (almost due to flavour alone!) is always our Green and White omelette.
    • Poached eggs with a choice of whatever takes your fancy: mushrooms, tomatoes, sautéed spinach and green onions, broccoli, roasted red and green bell peppers…this list could go on and on! See our super easy step by step to make quick poached eggs here: Paleo Poached Eggs
    • Egg whites with anything. Throwing in your favourite veggies, herbs and spices can easily make these delicious, so make sure you add them to your breakfast menu!
    • Indian eggs – check them out!
    • Giant/Portobello mushroom cooked with an egg inside, with Avocado on top to serve.
    • Spicy mushroom omelette
    • Vegetable Paleo frittata – with egg whites and your favourite veggies.
    • Fried eggs (you only need a splash of oil – Red Palm oil is a healthy option) with Basil and Tomato – 1 pan and no fuss.

    Bacon is OK in moderation….

     paleo breakfast ideas

    If you’re big on bacon you could add it to any of the paleo breakfasts we are suggesting. Personally I would advise to remove the rind; pork fat needs to cook for a long time and you just don’t need that extra fat in your diet.

    • Bacon cups! So, I found an amazing recipe for bacon cups and attempted to make them (as pictured!). It’s not as easy as it looks but it is great fun trying to mould one of these but they tasted great, which is all that matters! Check out the recipe here. UPDATE: Check out our breakfast cups here!

    Fish for breakfast? Why not!

    In Scandinavia fish is a huge part of the diet, its natural oils and abundance of vitamin E makes it’s a perfect paleo food. So why not try adding it subtly into your breakfast plans? Here are some ideas:

    • Poached eggs with haddock, white fish, salmon
    • No rice Kedgeree
    • Smoked salmon with scrambled eggs
    • Grilled Peppered mackerel with cherry tomatoes and kale
    • Baked Trout fillet with courgette frittata
    • Sardines, grill these with chunks of tomatoes and flat leaf parsley.

    Fruit – a very easy way to start the day

    paleo breakfast ideas

    There is no doubt that fruit is a key part of living a paleo lifestyle, it provides a huge amount of fiber and essential vitamins and minerals. The only drawback is that fruit is high in natural sugars, if you’re focus is solely weight loss have a set amount of fruit each day but don’t eat it in more than 2 meals. Grab a bowl and throw these in:

    • Apple slices with Figs and almonds
    • Banana, Blueberries, Strawberries
    • Orange, grapefruit and Apple stack
    • Sliced banana with pumpkin seeds, raisins and almonds

    Are Pancakes, muffins and oatmeal on the paleo diet?

    Yes, in fact they are, but with some adjustments…

    • Paleo pancakes made with almond flour, or coconut flour (Delicious!) – Look at our Paleo breakfast pancakes here!
    • Dairy Free Chocolate Chip paleo breakfast pancakes
    • Walnut oatmeal, with flaxseed, banana and serve with strawberries
    • Almond oatmeal, with flaxseed, banana and serve with raspberries
    • Paleo muffins made with almond or coconut flour. 
    • Sweet potato waffles, a great recipe here

    Paleo Breakfast On the Go

    How many times, and be honest, have you skipped breakfast because you are in a rush? I am know I am guilty of this, especially when I was struggling with weight loss. If you have no time to cook breakfast it’s no problem, here are some amazing paleo breakfast ideas that you can simply pop in a box and take with you.

    paleo breakfast bars

    • Paleo Breakfast Bars (as pictured above)
    • Breakfast Cookies, made with seeds, almonds and coconut flour. Like these Paleo Coconut Banana Cookies
    • Paleo breakfast muffins made with sweet potato
    • Berry-Blast Fruit Box! Strawberry + Raspberry + Cranberry + Blueberry + Blackberries in a box
    • Fruit boxes can be bought from most stores and are a great way to eat on the go. Like these

    Breakfast Smoothies – blend, drink, go

     paleo breakfast smoothie - the classic

    For a quick and easy way to cram nutrients into 1 jug, blend up a smoothie, pour in a flask and drink, or take with you. Some of our favourites include:

    • Carrot, Orange and Banana
    • Banana, almond butter and Orange juice
    • Blackberry and Banana
    • Spinach, Kale, Apple, Kiwi and Cilantro, or mint – Go green!
    • Pineapple and Banana with the juice from half a lemon. Paleo Pina Colada anyone?
    • Fig, Apple and Blackberry
    • Melon and Blueberry- a seriously refreshing one!

    A Paleo breakfast to support a morning workout

    A lot of people believe that by starving yourself and working out on an empty stomach you will burn more calories. Whether studies prove this (I’m not sure if they do) or not, I don’t agree with it. If you workout in the morning you should also provide your body with enough sustenance to ensure it can cope with your workout, whether it be jogging or even a CrossFit session. The range of paleo breakfasts above should give you ample support so that your body digests enough protein for energy release but also recovery. Something that is crucial when working out for both weight loss and muscle gain. Try these for extra protein:

    paleo breakfast ideas

    • Steak and Eggs – of course!
    • Bacon Paleo frittata – egg whites with bacon
    • Bacon and tomato burger (use this recipe, but remove the buns and cheese)
    • Scramble egg curly kale and mushrooms
    • Ground minced turkey with green bell peppers, onion and avocado
    • Bacon cups (see here!)
    • Eggs whites with Spinach and Broccoli, talk about iron man!
    • Poached eggs with turkey bacon
    • Toasted peaches with strawberries and bacon
    • Roasted tomatoes with lean pork mince
    • Turkey breast mince with onion, green pepper and paprika (like a burrito but no wrap)

    Milk or no milk – A true paleo breakfast?

    Some paleo diet plan followers choose to add dairy into their paleo food list, which is totally OK in our view. It’s up to you how you interpret the paleo diet as long as the key values are adhered to: no processed food is consumed.

    Dairy, amongst, other things that are eliminated in the paleo diet plan like oats, bread and wheat can cause a challenge when creating a true paleo breakfast. We have explored some options to include milk in a modern paleo diet, allowing dairy you could also have these 5 paleo breakfast options:

    • Oatmeal from walnuts, almonds, pecans, but with milk
    • Fig and blueberry yogurt with ginger
    • Hot milk and berries, with a teaspoon of almond butter – a real winter warmer
    • Flaxseed, Pumpkin seeds, walnuts, pecans, banana covered in yogurt
    • Paleo breakfast pancakes with milk, almond or coconut flour and… bacon? 

    Paleo Breakfast Casseroles

    Some people opt to cook paleo breakfast casseroles as they can be batch cooked and saved to eat for a number of days. Plus each day the flavors get even more intense!

    We have cooked two casseroles and will be posting the recipes very soon, so stay tuned!

    Let’s talk leftovers

    paleo breakfast ideas

    Whilst many people suggest leftovers for breakfast is the easiest way to ensure your meal is quick, easy and indeed paleo, I’m not a huge fan of the same meal back to back. Sure I have said in the past batch cooking is awesome to keep costs down and make things easy but having a paleo meal for dinner then reheating for the next day’s breakfast can make things a tad dull, which might lead you to stray. So experiment as much as you can, when you can, as well as eat those left overs 🙂


    So there you have it, a list of delicious paleo breakfast ideas (and yes, we’ve tried them all in our household – and have many more on our list – so keep this page bookmarked as it will be updated!) for you to get started with. I definitely encourage you to use a bit of your own creative flair and switch, swap, add and remove ingredients as you see fit – and of course (as many of you already do) please let me know about things you’ve tried – good or bad!

    Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

    What are you having for breakfast tomorrow?

     Join me and many others in the Forum to share your breakfast plans!

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      1. Post

        Hi Amy, good fats are what I would recommend. Oily fish and avocados are examples of these. Good fats can be recognised as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Whereas transfats and saturated fats, like doughnuts or french fries are the ones you should be avoiding at all costs 🙂

        1. Jessica –

          The concept that saturated fats are bad for you have never been proven. Paleo, at it’s core, is a high fat diet. it’s not really possible to get enough calories if you’re freaking out about naturally occurring fats, almost of all of which are saturated. Paleo does not work well long term if you can’t ditch the fat phobia.

          (PS – Yes, there’s very little point in eating just the egg white. It’s the fat in the yolk that will fill you up. The yolk also contains all the vitamins as well. If you’re going to throw away anything, make it the white.)

          1. Post
    1. I really struggle with breakfast as I can’t eat eggs – it’s ridiculous how many paleo breakfasts have eggs as the main component 🙁

      1. Post

        It’s true that eggs feature a lot in typical paleo breakfasts. You could try adding avocado instead of egg for a similar texture.
        Also, pancakes without egg are possible by using warm water instead – these will be flatter and more like a chapati.
        In general smoothies and fruit are always a perfect option 🙂
        Oatmeal works –
        And my infamous bacon cups (removing the egg and perhaps cooking the veg with some grated sweet potato or avocado) –

        I hope these help Emlo 🙂

    2. I really struggle with breakfast as I can’t eat eggs – it’s ridiculous how many paleo breakfasts have eggs as the main component 🙁

      1. Post

        It’s true that eggs feature a lot in typical paleo breakfasts. You could try adding avocado instead of egg for a similar texture.
        Also, pancakes without egg are possible by using warm water instead – these will be flatter and more like a chapati.
        In general smoothies and fruit are always a perfect option 🙂
        Oatmeal works –
        And my infamous bacon cups (removing the egg and perhaps cooking the veg with some grated sweet potato or avocado) –

        I hope these help Emlo 🙂

    3. I think you should update this to include whole eggs. Dietary cholesterol is not the enemy, per the most reputable studies. Egg whites – gross!

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    4. I am unsure how the author can call these recommendations paleo, when a lot of what she says is the exact opposite of what “Paleo/Primal” experts suggest. The people who are refuting these recommendations regarding egg yolks and saturated fat aren’t just giving their “opinions”, they are speaking what is known to be “fact” in the paleo community. Call these meal suggestions whatever else you want, but please don’t call them paleo.

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