Calorie spiking around Christmas Time Q&A

It goes without saying that at Christmas time you are calorie spiking without even planning, it just happens. Half of your brain is saying – why not just go for it, it’s Chrrriiiisssttmmmasss (as Noddy Holder would say), where are the other half is asking, should you be calorie spiking right now… it’s not Calorie day!? So, what’s the answer? When should you plan calorie spiking around the Christmas period? ItsTimeToBurn is here to help!

Calorie spiking around Christmas Time Q&A

Q: When should I plan calorie spiking?

A: In general, once a week. Check out more on Calorie spiking for an overview.

Q: What if my calorie spiking day lands next to, or a few days before Christmas Day?

A: You have options: 1) Move it to Christmas day, when you know you will be eating a lot. 2) Have a half day calorie spiking a few days before Christmas day. 3) Have 2 calorie spiking days and rebalance after Christmas.

Q: What can I eat if I don’t do calorie spiking on Christmas Day?

A: You can still join in with the family and have Christmas dinner, just avoid the following: roast white potatoes, swede, bacon, sausage. Now Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without some sort of chocolate or pudding so feel free to have a small portion but cut out the heavy starch. You can substitute white potatoes for sweet potato, substitue chocolate for fruit and make sure you have a normal breakfast and not bacon and eggs!

Q: How do I plan what to eat for calorie spiking on Christmas day?

A: Don’t plan, just eat! Enjoy!!

A half day of Calorie Spiking?

When we say a half day of calorie spiking, what we really mean is:

  • Adhere to 3 meals per day
  • No snacks, apart from 1 piece of fruit
  • No alcohol
  • Limit your calories for the other 2 meals
  • 1 meal with extra calories
  • Have a pudding or 1 sweet thing

Some final tips for Calorie Spiking at Christmas

  • Not all Christmas food is bad and heavy in calories, things like Turkey breast/white meat is extremely good for you and will not only compliment calorie spiking with healthy eating but also brings out a hormone called Tryptophan. Which is said to have an impact on sleepiness. Turkey is said to relax you, which when calorie spiking isn’t a bad thing. 🙂
  • Be careful to watch how much cheese you eat if you are not calorie spiking on Christmas day, don’t be tempted to have a little bit here or there. If you are having your “Calorie Day” then eat cheese!
  • As ever, do not over consume alcohol if calorie spiking or not on Christmas day. Just our view.
  • Don’t do this:

Enjoy Christmas! Enjoy more about calorie spiking here!  

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