30 day bulgarian lunge challenge

Bulgarian Lunges – 30 Day Challenge: Powerful, Toned Legs Await!

Do you want beautifully toned and more energetic legs? Perhaps a perfectly pert bottom? I’m talking to women and men here, don’t be shy. We all want slender pins! Read on to find out more about our 30 Day Bulgarian Lunges Challenge!

Body weight-work outs are the latest “thing”. They have been floating around for a while but I’ve never seen more press featuring different ways to work out with just your body as the resistance. As they are a super effective way to strengthen your body and I’m a big fan. After starting the 30 day plank challenge for a seriously supercharged core, I started thinking what else I could do! I did the plank challenge in sets to make it easier to ramp up. So, if the day asked for a 1 minute plank, I would try to achieve 3 x 1 minute planks that day. While taking a small break between each set I started doing a few lunges and it hit me, it should be a challenge. Without further ado, here’s the It’s Time To Burn 30 day Bulgarian Lunges Challenge, time to grab your trainers and get started below!

30 day bulgarian lunge challenge

What is the 30 day Bulgarian Lunges Challenge?

This challenge simply requires you to perform Bulgarian Lunges, and all you’ll need is a chair, or footstool or gym bench.

Here’s how to perform them:


The benefits!

Our 30 day Bulgarian lunges challenge may seem tough when you’re a couple of days in, but hold in there! Here are some of the benefits you’ll achieve:

  • Improvement in hip stability
  • Stronger hip flexors
  • Women will have supermodel legs, and men superman legs
  • Enhanced balance

Plus, as an added bonus, Bulgarian lunges don’t put pressure on your back or neck. 

Bulgarian Lunges – FAQs

I’ve already thought of some common questions, mainly ones I would ask about any of these work-out challenges. 

Why Bulgarian Lunges?

Bulgarian lunges, also known as Bulgarian Squats are just a little harder than regular lunges. Commonly used in many CrossFit classes, these lunges are super effective for toning your legs and shredding fat.

 They works the following areas: 

30 day bulgarian lunge challenge

Where do I do the challenge?

That’s the best part of our 30 day bulgarian lunge challenge, you can do it at home, or in the gym! Anywhere that allows you to place 1 foot up, and lunge out with the other works!

Do I need a gym bench?

No, here’s my friend doing it in her home. Using a footstool. Same results!

30 day bulgarian lunge challenge

Do I really need the rest days?

Yes, you do need to take the rest days seriously. Give you body a chance to recover. It will perform better after rest. 

It looks too hard!?

OK negative thought, get out of here! It’s common to avoid leg exercises as they are hard work, but the results are worth it. There are many reasons you should train your legs, the main being for all over stability and balance.

If you find it too easy, you could add another set, or add some weight. 

How do I prevent my muscles from aching?

I can’t stress this enough, don’t forget to give your legs a good stretch after! Stretching helps recovery, don’t avoid it! Here are some stretches that will help 🙂

30 day bulgarian lunge challenge


Download the 30 Day Bulgarian Lunges Challenge here:

30 day bulgarian lunges challenge

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