Jessica it's time to burn

So, I'm Jessica, I live a Paleo lifestyle but I've touched on many other subjects that have come across and experienced, or that interest me.

ItsTimeToBurn.com is an ever growing blog about health and fitness by me with a little help from some creative, health conscience friends. 

We cover topics such as the Paleo Diet, Gluten Free, Sleep, Exercise and much more. We love nothing more than to hear from our readers (particularly success stories!)

A huge part of why I made the site is to share recipes - Hands down, I LOVE food!

I love cooking with friends and my partner (he's Gluten intolerant) so I've been experimenting with ways he can eat all the things he loves but not feel terrible afterwards.

Make yourself feel at home here. Feel free to share your opinion on our articles or yummy recipes that I post frequently.

I get a ton of emails, and try to respond to each and every one of them to help our readers reach their weight loss goals, so go ahead – send an email in

Let us know any difficulties you are having, or successes you’re enjoying. What are you trying? How long for? If you think it would help other people, post it in the forum for support, encouragement and opinions.

Lastly, be sure to check out our friends who made this site possible - they specialise in WordPress development and online marketing and are called Smarter Digital.

Otherwise, see you around on the site. I hope you enjoy it, and I LOVE feedback.

Stay happy, stay healthy!


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