7 tips for better sleep

7 Tips for Aiding Sleep – The Missing Link for Healthy Weight Loss

Apart from improving mood, helping fight disease, and boosting concentration, sleep is a very important factor for healthy weight loss – but it is frequently overlooked.

People have started working longer, and as such sleep is getting neglected. If you are working toward healthy weight loss you should not only be focusing on a balanced diet, regular exercise but also ensure you are getting a quality nights sleep.

People are turning to bed and almost having 8 hours a night in bed, but the quality of sleep is the key to improving your focus, energy levels and metabolism. If your energy levels are high your body will burn fat at a much higher level than if your body is sluggish. Of course if your sleep patterns are good you will always have energy for working out, whether it be walking, running, cycling or resistance training.

Studies have shown that a solid nights sleep of 7-8 hours or more can boost your metabolism, therefore aiding weight loss.

In this day and age, people are suffering with stress and anxiety more and more, and in turn sleep problems are becoming more and more common. Millions of people are becoming dependent on sleeping pills.

Here at ItsTimeToBurn.com we look for natural alternatives to problems like these. Having suffered from serious sleep problems in the past, I would like to share some tips and advice with you to help you get a good nights sleep.

Tip 1 – Consider Your Diet

A few simple food substitutions really can help.

  • Ensure you eat only natural starches like sweet potato (yummy!)
  • Chicken, although very healthy, can be swapped for turkey. Turkey contains a natural chemical called Tryptophan which seriously helps you doze off.
  • A banana (usually associated with giving energy) before bed will help you sleep. Bananas help your create melatonin, the sleepy hormone!
  • Warm milk before you hit the hay relaxes you and helps you sleep. Watch out for sneaky caffeine.
  • Even green tea, albeit good for you, contains caffeine. Try the decaffeinated alternatives, especially in the evening.

Tip 2 – Love Lavender

Lavender can be eaten, or used as a spray for your bed. I use this Aromatherapy Mist and spray a little on my pillow each night. Not only does it smell nice, it also is s sure fire way for me to get a good nights sleep.

7 tips aiding sleep

Tip 3 – Make Your Bedroom An Area Of Calm

I don’t have a TV in my bedroom, and always try to read for 20 minutes before I close my eyes.

I’ve also found that by keeping the area nice and cool helps me sleep well.

During my worst non sleep stage, I also made sure that I kept all clocks out of sight. I always used to look at the time and worry that I only had 7 hours before I had to get up, which turned into 6 hours, which turned into 5, 4, 3 etc

Tip 4 – Ear plugs

These were my saviour when I lived in a block of flats. I could hear other people and it put me on edge. Some decent ear plugs soon fixed that,  If you can put up with them – use them!

Tip 5 – Eye Masks to block out light

I can’t say I’m fond of eye masks myself, but others I know swear by them. Blocking out light naturally helps you rest your eyes. Give it a try, and see if they work for you!

Tip 6 – ItsTimeToBurn Tried & Tested Remedy:

Bach Flower Essences Rescue Sleep

sleep better

It’s no secret that I’m sceptical about most ‘quick fix’ medicines, diets, exercise programs etc, but I can honestly say that I used this spray when I was clutching at straws looking for ANYTHING to knock me out for the night. This really worked for me, and I use it to this day – I hope it works for you too.

Tip 7 – Alcohol isn’t the answer to a decent nights sleep

Try some of the tips above (try them all!) – don’t consider alcohol as the answer. You may feel drowsy and nod off but excessive alcohol causes your liver to work on serious overtime, the liver request more blood to be pumped around the body to help flush out the toxins in alcohol  causing your heart to race (usually). A racing heart doesn’t give you quality sleep.

Check out more on Alcohol and sleep

Bonus Tip for Aiding Sleep

Why not try rain noise. I have a friend who was given an i-pillow… she plugs her iPhone into the pillow which has a small speaker inside and plays rain noise for 45 minutes. She swears by it for helping drift off. There are a ton of apps you could download or even use youtube for rain noises for sleep:

Need more sleep tips? 

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