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5 Gluten Free Beer Brands From Around the World!

Just because you are suffering from celiac disease, following the Paleo diet, or simply out to try something different doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on taste and quality, especially when it comes to relaxing and enjoying a nice cold beer so here are some gluten free beer brands for you to try!

If you might not have known it, a gluten free beer can be a great alternative to barley, rye, and wheat beers if you are still not ready to quit drinking. After doing some own research, I managed to sample some of the best-tasting gluten free beer brands available in the market today. Gluten intolerance certainly doesn’t put an end to the fun!

While I planned to try and be descriptive as possible about the taste, they were all lovely, but the following 5 held a very similar flavour from a lot of normal lagers I have tasted, which means a transition to gluten free beer wouldn’t be as hard you might have originally thought!

Gluten Free Beer Brands

1. Bard’s Beer

One of the most interesting things about Bard’s gluten free craft beer is that it is a product of two self-professed beer geeks who wereboth suffering from celiac disease. Instead of giving up on drinking their favourite frothy beverages, Craig Belser and Kevin Seplowitz founded the Bard’s Tale Beer Company and began brewing beer from sorghum. I believe malted sorghum is not a bad ingredient to include in your gluten-free diet. Above all, Bard’s Beer stands out as a sweet beer with richness that mimics conventional beer.

gluten free beer brands

2. Green’s Brewing

The Belgian-based Green’s Brewery was founded by Derek Green after being diagnosed with celiac disease. The company makes Belgian ales from buckwheat, millet, rice and sorghum combined with a few nut flavours and subtle caramel. Green’s gluten free lineup of wonderful and refreshing beers includes Discovery Amber (6% ABV), Quest Tripel Blonde Ale (8.5% ABV), and the dark Endeavour Dubbel Ale (7% ABV). Having tasted all these tasty and sophisticated beers, I highly recommend them.

Green’s state that they are one of the Original Gluten Free Beer Brands.

3. Omission

Unlike the other gluten free beer brands I am compiling on my list, Omission is not brewed from sorghum or millet. Instead, Portland-based Widmer Brothers Brewing Company brews the beer from malted barley and then uses certain scientific methods to take out the gluten and to give it an authentic craft beer taste. Before being released for sale and consumption, each batch is tested by certified beer experts to ensure the beer is safe for celiac sufferers. Since it is made from barley, Omission tastes like lager and makes me think that I am not drinking a gluten free beer.

gluten free beer brands

4. Daura

Brewed by a famous Barcelona Brewer known as Estrella Damm, Daura gained full international recognition and won a Gold Medal for being the best beer in the world for gluten intolerants and celiac sufferers at the recent World Beer Awards. Its gluten levels stand at about 6 ppm, which is almost a quarter of the World Health Organisation’s recommended threshold of 20 ppm. Having done extraordinarily well in the European market, the beer is currently being introduced in the United States and other international markets.

5. Lakefront New Grist

New Grist is brewed from a combination of rice, yeast, sorghum, hops, and water. The brand is famous for taking home numerous medals at different beer festivals and competitions in the gluten-free category every year.

Which Was my Favourite Gluten Free Beer?

I have to say that after tasting them, I was shocked about how well gluten free beers have progressed. Many people believe that if they suffer from a gluten intolerance then they must give up drinking beer. Not the end of the world if this was true, but the taste difference isn’t very noticeable. As I enjoy a nice lager occasionally, I would have to say that the Omission beer was the closest tasting to a regular lager, and therefore would be my favourite. But I also love Daura!

gluten free beer brands

Have You Tried Any Gluten Free Beer Brands?

Are there any gluten free beers that you enjoy and would like to share? Let me know in the comments section and help me on my quest to find the best gluten free beer around

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