Sweet potato is key on the Paleo diet

Sweet Potato Paleo – Your Guide To Paleo

Sweet potato is one of the most amazing root vegetables – And we love them!! It works with the Paleo diet so we are going to talk about sweet potato Paleo – the sweetness and delicious taste but for not being high in complex carbs and sugars!

Many people ask is sweet potato Paleo? YES!

Given the name you would think that Sweet potato would not work with a healthy eating diet plan such as the Paleo diet, but that’s where you would be wrong. In fact for many lifestyle diets sweet potato is simply incredible. Sweet potato paleo has a ring to it!

Here are some sweet potato Paleo plus points:

  • They are very filling, you’re getting nutrients but not feeling bloated.
  • Sweet potatoes are very easy to cook.
  • Paleo looks for items that are organic – tick!
  • Sweet potato contains nutrients that help you sleep, perfect for recovery after a work out.
  • No need to add salt, butter, milk etc to make sweet potato mash. – yum!
  • Not expensive.
  • They actually last quite a bit longer than a regular white potato – and you don’t get the alien arms/eyes growing!
  • Sweet potatoes are versatile like white potatoes, + easier to mash!

Sweet potato is actually pretty cheap in most places, in the UK you can buy 1 KG of potatoes, roughly 3 sweet potatoes for 70p, so that’s $1.10 ish.

For more info check this page out

Here are some ways to cook sweet potato:

  • Boil them
  • Broil them
  • Sauté them
  • BBQ them < all that sound familiar? (It’s Time To Burn loves Forrest Gump, perhaps a little too much….)
  • Oven bake them, then scoop out the deliciousness, or peel off the skin and mash!
  • Make soup
  • Chip them 
  • Wedge them
  • Roast them – with some fresh rosemary

I NEVER use a microwave – how could that be sweet potato Paleo?

sweet potato paleo with steak

Sweet potato fries with Paleo steak!

The Paleo solution is a way of life that focuses on less carbs than proteins, and those carbs not being heavy or complex. Also cutting out food in your diet with additives. Sweet potato Paleo makes incredible sense.

Click here for the It’s Time To Burn Paleo quick start guide! Yours completely free!

sweet potato paleo

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    1. Post

      HI Lee, I don’t actually have a microwave but also I feel they dry out the potato. Glad you love sweet potatoes too, they are the best!!

  1. I microwave my sweet potatoes and they are not dry at all. After they are done I open them and add 1 TBSP of almond butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Yum! Sometimes I add Stevia, coconut oil or walnuts. I never get tired of them.

    1. Wow…I never thought of adding almond butter to them! this thought is actually making me run-off to the market and get some sweet potatoes tonight. excellent idea!

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