Paleo Snacks - Super yummy!

Paleo Snacks – 10 Super Snacks for Paleo

Snacks are probably the easiest way to go off track when following any diet plan, here you’ll find 10 easy to prepare or purchase Paleo snacks. Paleo snacks encourage the essence of the Paleo diet plan, if you feel hungry feel free to eat. It’s what you eat that is crucial.

Paleo snacks – a perfect way to graze

Obvious Paleo snack might be:

  • Fruit – fresh and dry
  • Nuts
  • Vegetable sticks, like carrots or peppers

But at It’s Time To Burn we had a small brain wave, what if Paleo followers want Paleo snacks that are a little quirky and cool? Paleo snacks that are a tad more creative than obvious Paleo snacks like the above. There’s no doubt that simple paleo snacks are perfect for when you are at work, on generally on the go but if you’re either getting a little bored of similar paleo snacks within your every Paleo diet meals and want to try something a little more creative, all you need is your kitchen a tiny bit of extra time… and of course our concepts.

paleo snacks

Top 10 creative Paleo snacks

  1. Roasted Figs – Gather some figs, slice in half and lay out on a baking tray, drizzle a small dash of oil across and bake in the oven for just 10 minutes.
  2. Lemon Drizzled Avocado – Half a ripe avocado, squeeze half a fresh lemon over and crunch some freshly ground black pepper over, hunt for a spoon and dive in.
  3. Mashed Walnuts on Apple Slices – Take some walnuts, place in a food bag and bash, smooth over some thin slices of green apple. Crunchy, sweet, nutritious. These Paleo snacks could also be made by using almond butter.
  4. Lettuce Wraps – These are a great swap for a sandwich. Gather yourself some large lettuce leaves and fill. Tuna, chicken, anything you fancy.
  5. Paprika & Turmeric Poached Eggs – Poach a couple of eggs but these Paleo snacks don’t stop there – sprinkle a mix of paprika, ground turmeric and black pepper on top. If made correctly the yolk should taste perfect with some of the spices. 
  6. Stuffed Tomatoes – Carve out some medium to large sized tomatoes,
  7. Paleo Cookies – Genuine favourites of the It’s Time To Burn team – “Caveman Cookies”, the best part is you can buy them in bulk from Amazon – check these Paleo snacks out now! Or you could make your own, remember dark chocolate is a must! See below for a great video guide.
  8. Spicy Salsa – In a bowl mix some tomatoes, mix red, yellow, green and tiger if you have access to these. Finely chopped red onion and grated cucumber, drizzle some oil across, mix and delve in. Who says paleo snacks have to be meat?
  9. Bacon Cups – Then again, Paleo snacks could be meat and why not these! They can be filled with anything you like and just take some steady hands. Here’s a guide for making these Paleo snacks.
  10. Sweet Potato Chips – Another Paleo snack that you can easily make, slice some sweet potato so it’s super thin and place on a baking tray – in the oven until they are crisp. If you’re feeling a little lazy you can also check out some hot buys here.

Here’s a great Paleo Cookies Video:

Paleo snacks online

If you want to find Paleo snacks online – check out our ultimate list here

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